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Small, fussy, bold, and imaginative

Established in 2010, RPSS Publishing is an all volunteer, small press, boutique publishing house. What we lack in size, we can more than make up in sizzle. We're only looking for a few book proposals each year, but the results will be breathtaking and marketable. As a RPSS author, you will enjoy the benefits of working with a small, hand-picked, highly skilled team of designers and editors who will shepherd your book from the proposal stage through layout, editing, and printing, and guide you through the distribution processes.


Our children's book division, Rock, Paper, Safety Scissors Press, especially invites proposals for the kid's book inside you that is yearning to be told.


Proposals are continually being reviewed. Interested authors, poets, artists, museums, and galleries may submit book proposals to RPSS at any time. When submitting a proposal, initial query letter, or completed manuscript, please remember your new book is as important to us as it is to you. This cannot be a rushed process and may take some time for us to properly review it.


Please read our submission guidelines for submitting manuscripts and proposals. All of these steps are not mandatory, but bear in mind that it is your vision you are presenting to us, so the more information you give us to visualize your project, the better.



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RPSS - Rock Paper (Safety) Scissors Publishing

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