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The Architectual Masters that Shaped Buffalo, NY

Buffalo is literally a walkable encyclopedia of amazing ­­architecture, told through the works of internationally renowned masters such as Frank Lloyd Wright; Louis Sullivan; H. H. Richardson; Daniel Burnham; McKim, Mead, & White; Eliel and Eero Saarinen; and dozens of great local architects including E.B. Green and Louise Blanchard Bethune.

Buffalo also contains many buildings designed by modern architects, including Minoru Yamasaki, Toshiko Mori, Harrison & Abramovitz, and Mehrdad Yazdani of CannonDesign.

These masterworks are framed by the radial street plan designed by Joseph Ellicott and a series of parks and parkways implemented by Frederick Law Olmsted and his partner Calvert Vaux.

A City Built By Giants


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