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An anatomically perfect human jaw fashioned of a diamond-hard quartz crystal is uncovered at an Ohio burial mound and sold on the underground antiquities market. Shortly after, three pothunters are found dead.


A mysterious new drug suspected of South American origin surfaces in Buffalo, NY. Its unprecedented psychotropic effects include the momentary activation of ESP.


Blind, speechless, emaciated street people start appearing in many parts of the world. An urban legend-cycle forms around them and the name of a murderous old cult, "the Whistlers," attaches to them.


An archaeological team at a Mayan site reports finding a bizarre artifact and vanishes.


A New York schoolteacher's book of upstate legends and folklore foreshadows these developments and more.


These are the threads - plus his affair with a maddening woman - that draw narrator Ward Courier into the international adventure of occultism, terror, Native American tradition, and onrushing prophecy that is Mason Winfield's anticipated new novel THE WHISTLERS: A Paranormal Intrigue. By the time the picture of THE WHISTLERS clears, we are ready to believe in a sinister conspiracy that could predate Atlantis and even hail from another world.

A Paranormal Intrigue: The First Book of The Whistlers


    RPSS - Rock Paper (Safety) Scissors Publishing

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