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by Peter Gordon

"Eggshells of Eagles" is about the early days of the hazardous waste industry and the workers who toiled anonymously early in an industry designed to help America move on from the mistakes of its industrial past and into our industrial future. These workers were environmental professionals-scientists and engineers, chemists, and biologists-who worked tirelessly many times in the frigid cold of the northern winters and the steaming oppressive heat of the southern summers in all manner of gear meant to protect them from the chemical and radiological hazards or biological agents and the physical hazards all around them.


The events portrayed in this book are real, as told through the experiences of one of the early workers, Nick. The story also examines how the public is introduced to the notorious toxic substances from DDT to PFAS and the consumer products that birthed them.


Paperback - ‎ 208 pages

Eggshells of Eagles


    RPSS - Rock Paper (Safety) Scissors Publishing

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