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From the West Traveling East

An Initiate’s Guide to the World’s Oldest Fraternity

by Samuel Friedman


Freemasonry. The very name evokes strong reactions. Some fear it, some respect it. Some wish fervently to join it, others wish to damn and destroy it. But what exactly is Freemasonry? Written by a passionate initiate, From The West Traveling East is a tour-de-force across the world into the very heart of this ancient fraternity. From the ruins of King Solomon’s Temple to the urban jungles of Southeast Asia and even to small villages in upstate New York, From The West Traveling East takes you inside Freemasonry on an eye-opening journey that busts centuries-old myths and legends by asking questions you are too afraid to ask. Full of insights on masonic history, philosophy, symbolism, and debunked conspiracy theories, even longtime Freemasons will find From The West Traveling East enlightening and engaging.

From the West Traveling East


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