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Taro Lives!

Confessions of the Sabres Hoaxter


Off beat…Off kilter…Even off the grid.
Taro Lives! explores the gags and hoaxes that tagged the author with a
“Sui Generis” label: (latin: one of a kind).
Sports and sports tv as they’ve never been seen before–or since.


Paul Wieland is a talented storyteller with a lot of
mischievous tales to tell.

He began his professional career as an award-winning
journalist for two metropolitan daily newspapers, the
Buffalo Courier-Express, and the Buffalo Evening News.
He was next a public relations executive with General
Motors, until, in 1970, he became the public relations
director of the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres, where he worked
on-air in radio and TV for several years. As executive
producer, he spent 25 years working as a director and
producer of Sabres TV, as well as on NBC, Sportschannel
America, and world-wide hockey telecasts.
He left hockey to run a Massachusetts public television station for six years, also
beginning a long association as a director or producer of college basketball.
Instead of retiring, Paul joined the faculty of the Jandoli School of Communication at
St. Bonaventure University, teaching various writing courses, sports TV production, and
on-air announcing.

Taro Lives! Confessions of the Sabres Hoaxter


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