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Where The Bathwater Goes
Written & Illustrated by Mark Donnelly, Ph.D.

Where the Bathwater Goes is a story about Emily, a girl who loves getting dirty and hates taking a bath. Find out how her Dad solves this dilemma and creates an even bigger one – how to get Emily out of the tub until she discovers the fantastic voyage her sudsy bathwater takes.

Dr. Mark Donnelly is an artist, an educator, a passionate community activist, and a very proud father of four
absolutely amazing children.

Where The Bathwater Goes is part one of a four part series dedicated to each of his kids. Mark’s oldest daughter Emily insists that this story is entirely fictional and merely a product of her Dad’s overly active imagination.

Where The Bathwater Goes

  • By Dr. Mark D. Donnelly

    8.5" x 11” Hardcover


RPSS - Rock Paper (Safety) Scissors Publishing

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