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The latest data from the Small Business Administration states that nearly 34 percent of small businesses fail within their first two years, and 50% within five.

There are many reasons companies fail, but if you can’t answer five basic financial questions correctly, it’s a fairly safe bet that your company will become one of these statistics, or at best, constantly have serious cash flow problems.

It doesn’t have to be this way! With some small adjustments, you can answer all of these questions correctly.

Anthony M. DeSimone CPA, CMA, is sharing gems he has learned during his 20+ years in the trenches to help you ‘Get your finger on the financial pulse of your Company’.

He will help you answer the all too common question “Where the hell is all the cash?!”

Show you how to complete 100% of the goals you set.

How to stop the “Putting out Fires” mentality.

Transform from procrastinator to accelerator in just 21 days!

Go from 150+ emails to just 15 per day.

And so much more. All in bite-sized nuggets that you can start to impliment immediately. Running a business is hard work, so don’t make it harder by failing to have a solid financial reporting foundation to build on. Use this book to get started on making changes today!

Your Company Will Fail


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